From the Beginning

The AZADI Fine Rugs story begins with rich history, passion and delight in working with clients and the design industry to transform each idea and vision into A Foundation In Fine Living. This foundation spans over two centuries of providing exquisite handwoven rugs and a selection with unrivaled personal service. From antique to contemporary, tribal to elegant, transitional to modern, as well as custom designs, we have handwoven rugs to inspire and delight you. These designer area rugs create a life-changing experience, and have a transformative effect on a home's décor by imparting a profound and unexpected level of refinement and sophistication. After arranging a design consultation with us, we can find the right fit of fabric for any home décor situation you have in mind.

AZADI Fine Rugs understands and appreciates your deep involvement in choosing the rugs and the emotional appeal you wish to create in your design and living space. More than that, AZADI Fine Rugs is so passionate in building the dream, that AZADI Fine Rugs created the Seven-Star Service model. This is where AZADI Fine Rugs will engage in a personal design consultation to happily share our advice in order for you to garner the full experience of seeing and feeling how these amazing designer area rugs will transform and enrich a living environment, based on your taste and designs.

For David Neishabori (owner of AZADI Fine Rugs), it's not just about running a successful business. It's about his deep caring for helping people and improving humanity. David lives this philosophy through in phrase "Living About Giving". His passion has certainly grown AZADI Fine Rugs to an international success, but he would be the first to attribute much of it to AZADI Fine Rugs' wonderful clients, the amazing interior designers AZADI Fine Rugs has had the privilege of working with over the many years, and the expertise of the extraordinary professionals who bless AZADI Fine Rugs with their diligence and dedicated hard work.